President Masashi Suzuki
Address 12 Yanagi-Machi, Seki-City, Gifu, Japan, 501-3962
Tel / Fax 0575-22-3066 / 0575-24-2615
Mail info@kinryu.jp
URL http://www.kinryu.jp
Our Business Importing Military & Outdoor products
Manufacturing items for government agencies
Brand Handled Magforce
Mil-Spec Monkey
LALO Tactical
ALTA Industries
Prometheus Design Werx
Notch Gear
Cold Steel
County Comm

*All products we handle are imported from overseas manufacturers directly.
Main Bank The Juroku Bank, Ltd. Seki Branch


We are a trading company that select, import and sell goods superior in durability and functionality, focusing primarily on military & outdoor products. We consider apparel and gear as practical tools to use, and therefore believe that we ought to require durability and functionality from all our products. We live in a time of unprecedented natural disasters and therefore, from the point of view of disaster prevention, not only the rescuer or those being rescued, but all of us need excelling products in durability and functionality. In such an environment, our company is eager to contribute to society by exploring helpful gear from all over the world and offering it to the public. We are not conventional, never forgetting playfulness.(people living life to the full.) We approach our business with a challenging spirit.


Japanese people are said to be brand loyalists, therefore, building a brand image is significantly important to sell products in Japan. To grow brand awareness, we regularly place advertisements on Japanese popular magazines, do effective online advertising, and increase advertising exposure on major social networking sites. The brand image of the products we carry is developed over time through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme, and is authenticated through the customer’s direct experience. To maintain a consistent brand image, we carefully select reputable dealers in military and outdoor fields in Japan. We not only supply products to the dealers, but also support them for sales promotion and marketing in order to make them easy to sell the goods in the market. We always provide high-standard customer service to our clients with honesty and respect, and try to make them happily satisfied. We believe building a strong brand image and providing excellent customer service will gain loyal customers, and help grow beloved brands with a long term sales success. We also do business with public authorities such as Japan self-defense forces (about 240,000 personnel), fire departments (about 150,000 personnel), and other government agencies. These markets have stiff price competition, but the business is large in scale if meets market needs. We always communicate with our clients and get feedback from end-users. With those feedback, we offer products that are specifically tailored to the user’s needs, or develop new products to meet the user’s demands. With a long term experience in the market, we have developed the best sales networks all over Japan, accumulated sales know-how, and built successful sales strategies.